By accessing the site and/or subdomain of the site and/or part of the and/or INFODEBIT information system, you agree to the general terms and conditions of use of INFODEBIT services, including of online use of available INFODEBIT services.

 By using INFODEBIT services you will agree to comply with the terms and conditions noted below. In the event of disagreement, INFODEBIT cannot and will NOT provide access to its services, and any access will be considered as unauthorized/unsanctioned.

Updating terms and conditions.

INFODEBIT may, at its sole discretion, periodically modify certain provisions of these terms and conditions. These changes will be made available through the site and will take effect from the date of publication. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you will not be able to use INFODEBIT services in your customer account. We encourage you to check these terms and conditions at regular intervals to keep up-to-date with any changes.

Additional conditions.

Some INFODEBIT services may have additional or totally or partially other terms and conditions that will be displayed on dedicated pages of that service and will require a separate acceptance. In case of overlap or conflict, the additional conditions will prevail over the general conditions.

Beneficiaries' contracts of INFODEBIT.

Users of the Beneficiary may have contracts concluded with INFODEBIT for its services with provisions and particularities negotiated other partially than in general. If certain terms are inconsistent with these terms and conditions, or are of a different kind and type, then the terms and conditions stipulated in that contract, signed between INFODEBIT and the Beneficiary, shall prevail.

INFODEBIT is an online service that enables the user to benefit from INFODEBIT services.


Property / General limitations of use.


By using the INFODEBIT Services you understand and agree that the texts, information, graphics, images, audio, video, drawings, general organization, compilation, meta data, advertisements and all other intellectual property (hereinafter referred to as " Content") made available through the site and the services provided are the property of INFODEBIT Ltd and are protected by copyright laws and intellectual property.

Registered trademark.

INFODEBIT is a trademark registered under the Trade Mark Certificate no. 035436 issued by the State Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova of 14.07.2014.

General usage limitations.

Except as may be agreed upon in advance, you don’t have right to reproduce, sell, publish, distribute, transmit, release, display, offer or exploit the Content on the site and of the services and the results, their reports. In the case of our written consent to perform one or more of the above-mentioned actions, INFODEBIT will be used with the bookmark, contacts, format and logo INFODEBIT. exactly as it was obtained from INFODEBIT.

Changing and using the content.

Accepting these terms and conditions - You agree not to modify or rearrange the Content. You agree not to use passages of Content, titles or fragments for use in another web site or service, or to use the Content without the written consent of INFODEBIT. You agree not to upload, display or send any Content offered by INFODEBIT to blogs, groups, mailing lists, bulletins in electronic formator or hard copy, and on electronic communication platforms without the prior written consent of INFODEBIT.

Usage politics of INFODEBIT services

The services provided by INFODEBIT are made available to users in accordance with the "as they are", as "available" principle without any warranties, express or implied, and without any liability on INFODEBIT in connection with them.

By accessing INFODEBIT services and its website, the users accept the way, the form, the quantity and the contractual price of the INFODEBIT services and will not criticize the mentioned aspects, and the services being not mandatory. Are accepted proposals for the development and improvement of INFODEBIT services as a result of the business needs of the current and potential INFODEBIT customers. INFODEBIT will consider these proposals and will implement them if it deems them useful and reasonable from a financial, procedural, conceptual and moral point of view.

INFODEBIT does not guarantee safe, continuous and uninterrupted access to its services. INFODEBIT will not be responsible for any problems or malfunctions of networks or telephone lines, Internet, servers, Internet access providers, equipment, computers, programs, or any other item that may cause personal computer corruption as a result of using the www site

INFODEBIT will do its utmost to ensure the availability of its services 24/24. Users agree that incidental services may be inaccessible, including but not limited to equipment or network failures, repairs or maintenance performed periodically, causes beyond the Supplier's control.

INFODEBIT provides no warranty or liability whatsoever whether express or implied, of any information presented or accessed through this website for the content provided by its partners or users of the website. INFODEBIT cannot be held to liability, in any way or to any extent, for the correctness, timeliness and veracity of this information (on website and in reports).

INFODEBIT may contain link with other sources of information, sites, electronic sources, and other sources that form its services. INFODEBIT cannot control these sources and is therefore not responsible for their availability, functionality and information received from these sources.

By accessing you agree to indemnify INFODEBIT for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover the court costs, arbitration or any other costs that may arise as a result of your violation of Terms from the Terms and Conditions INFODEBIT.

In order to gain access to certain INFODEBIT services, you are entitled to enter into an INFODEBIT contract (Information Service Contract) written with INFODEBIT and to receive access to its account or user accounts provided by INFODEBIT, except for the services provided without a written contract based on acceptance Terms and Conditions that are also a public offer and are a verbal contractual relationship.

INFODEBIT services are intended for reasonable use and under fair practices, for the Customer's/Beneficiary's own needs in its capacity of end user.

Providing access to INFODEBIT Services to third parties, for any purpose, is considered inappropriate use of INFODEBIT Services, is unauthorized and is not permitted under these terms and conditions.

Any abusive and/or fraudulent use of INFODEBIT Services is prohibited. It is considered abusive use and it is forbidden to use INFODEBIT Services for purposes other than those declared and offered for use.

The Customer/Beneficiary undertakes not to use the Internet connection or any other INFODEBIT Service for illicit/illegal purposes such as spam (this process involves the sending of unsolicited messages in a repetitive way, mostly commercial, advertising for products and services), phishing (this process involves obtaining confidential data using techniques of manipulating identity data of a person or institution), spoofing (this process involves changing the identity of a system or creating an additional identity to mimic a system in a communication session or a transaction), flooding (represents an attack by flooding a system/device with large amounts of traffic in order to create service denial by incorrect request for a network), etc.

Any information provided/entered by you is your sole responsibility and is intended to ensure that it is real, correct, true and up-to-date.

The transmission to a third party or the consecutive use of access of INFODEBIT Services (user and password or other authentication and/or access) is considered a major contractual breach directly affecting the confidentiality principle.

Any attempt to unauthorized access of personal data to another user (including but not limited to: user billing data, personal data and traffic data, user credentials, or passwords associated with a user's account), or modification of the content of the website or of obstruction of the normal operation of the server serving this website is considered as an attempt to use the website fraudulently and leads to the initiation of the criminal investigation and/or Contraventional Proceedings and /or Civil Proceedings against the person(s) guilty of such an act.

We reserve the right to limit or block a user's access in the cases of non-observance of the use procedure, in particular confidentiality, and/or in the event of non-compliance with any other contractual provisions and/or public offer, and then act to hold the liability the person responsible for the violation of Terms and Conditions.

INFODEBIT is relieved of liability for the use by third parties of your username and password. If you believe that a third party uses your access to INFODEBIT, please contact the office of INFODEBIT immediately to clarify the problem.

We reserve the right to disclose any kind of information about our users and/or our customers, including data submitted by them, in order to comply with legal requirements or requests from the state supervisory and/or control authorities to ensure safe operation of our systems and to protect property rights or to ensure the legal interests of our users and customers. We will not disclose personal information you provide to third parties in other than the above-mentioned situations.

Users accept directly, do not use total or partially, continuously or temporarily, applications/programs/scrpit/code, etc., to access information held by INFODEBIT, other than officially offered by and/or the INFODEBIT software, in the absence of a written agreement with INFDOEBIT.

Any attempt of unauthorized access will be considered as a direct attack on the integrity and security of electronic systems INFODEBIT and will be sanctioned under civil and/or contraventional and/or criminal law in force.

Any action of users or third parties that will prevent or restrict authorized access to INFODEBIT Services will also be considered an attack on the security and integrity of electronic systems INFODEBIT and will be sanctioned under civil and/or contraventional and/or criminal law.

In the event of a breach of the Usage Politics of INFODEBIT Services and/or other obligations set forth in the General Terms and Conditions, INFODEBIT is also entitled to claim both compensation for damage caused material and image and payment of compensation in the amount of 3000 Euro per each situation.

Pricing politics and contractual terms.

INFODEBIT reserves the right to modify, add, limit, offer both its services and their prices depending on the costs of its activity, but will take into account and negotiate the contracts with its beneficiaries in this respect.

INFODEBIT can offer discounts and bonuses at the cost of its services or access to it for loyalty and promotion. Discounts and bonuses will not be required by users on without any concrete reason or based on hints or insinuations.

In the event of entering a contract between INFODEBIT and the Beneficiary, access services, terms and prices will be in force for the duration of this contract, regardless of whether INFODEBIT will launch new offers, discounts and services. The contractual changes will only take place after the unanimous agreement of both parties. INFODEBIT will not be entitled to apply preferential conditions to its current users, even if it will launch better offers to its potential customers.

INFODEBIT Beneficiaries may discontinue the INFODEBIT Services only under the conditions set out in the contract, with the written notice of the INFODEBIT office. INFODEBIT is also entitled, without giving any explanation of the reason but based on a prior written notice to the Beneficiary, in accordance with the contractual provisions, to terminate the contract.

Limitation of liability.

Reports or scoring results of the INFODEBIT are informative and are NOT an advice, recommendation, offer or invitation to purchase or subscribe for products and/or services, nor can it be the basis for the conclusion or termination of a contract or commitment of any kind and nor is it a guarantee to minimize or eliminate certain risks associated with the user's activity.

Use of information from INFODEBIT reports is at the exclusive risk of the user. INFODEBIT is only the electronic interface that generates reports from different sources - users. INFODEBIT reports are informative for their applicants and cannot be used as official documents.

INFODEBIT doesn’t accept any liability in connection with the use of, of the reports provided and the notifications received, regarding:

- Losses of economic nature, loss of income, profits, contracts, use, opportunity, business or anticipated savings;

- Loss of substance of trade, image or reputation;

- Losses or special or consequential damages, direct or indirect, sufferings or damages.

Data processing about the user of the INFODEBIT Service

INFODEBIT may have information about user provided to us by the user (for example, through a request or a registration form, contract, etc.). This information may include, among other things, the user's name, address, telephone numbers, information on how you use our services and products (eg type, date, time, duration, how much you spend with INFODEBIT products and services and information resulting from the visit, and any other information regarding the way of use the INFODEBIT products and services.

This information can also be used to: process the user's orders or requests, offer products and/or services, invoice, the settlement of requests, questions or complaints made by the user, conduct market and product studies and market the products and services of INFODEBIT, Contacting the user (including by mail, email, fax, text messages, phone, facebook, messenger, viber etc.) in connection with products and services offered by INFODEBIT and distributors or in connection with products and services of carefully selected third parties , which we believe might be of interest to the user (unless a written request was made, not to be contacted); registering information for the purpose of allocating or offering rewards, rebates, and other benefits as well as meeting other requests or requirements related to customer reward programs and other similar programs.

Terms and Conditions INFODEBIT. Update - April 22, 2020.