What is credit history?

Information characterizing the fulfillment by the individual and the legal person (considered subject of credit history) of its financial commitments for any goods or services, such as: payment of credits, communal services, telecommunications, utilities, debts, invoices, compliance with contractual obligations to economic agents, etc.

Who can be the subject of credit history?

Subject of credit history is any natural person or any legal entity or individual contractor who has contracted services or products where payment is made after the delivery of the service or product. The legal person who passes data on compliance or non-compliance with payment commitments - is the source of credit histories

When credit history subject data is sent to BIC Infodebit Credit Report?

Once you have signed a credit or signed a contract for the purchase of goods or for the use of telecommunications, communal services, financial services, etc., your data is sent to the Infodebit Credit Report for the formation and completion credit history.

How long does the credit history last?

According to Law no. 122 of 29.05.2008 regulating the activity of the Credit Histories Bureaus, the credit history is kept for 5 years from the last update.

What data do we find in the Credit History Bureau's Infodebit Credit Report?

The database contains information about the name, surname, address and information about the amount of the loan, the debt, the status of the loan (payment in terms of terms, debt at the collection, execution stage, etc.), the official income of the person, and other useful information that forms the financial history of credit history.

What are the rights of credit history?

In accordance with Art. 10 of the Law on the activity of credit history bureaus, the subject of credit history is entitled to receive, once a year, its own free report and, whenever it wishes, againstpayment.

How can I get a report?

In order to raise your credit history for free or for a fee, you need to get your identity card closer to the BIC office, Infodebit Credit Report, at Calea Ieșilor 10B, Chisinau, or use other ways obtaining the distance report provided by Infodebit Credit Report, such as: from www.infodebit.md after signing with electronic signature,

What information is included in my credit report?

Data on all credits used (credit amount, remaining balance, debt stage, etc.) with or without payment arrears, debts to other natural or legal persons, data on official income, existence or lack of enforcement files, etc.

What information is not in a credit history report?

BIC Infovebit Credit Report does not collect or process data about race, religious preference, medical history, personal life style, political preferences, friends, criminal record, or any other information not related to the credit and services used.

    Can data from my credit report be removed?

   Not. The data contained in the credit history bureau can not be removed, but can be improved by rectification request. At the same time, credit history can be improved by paying off credit, debt and other financial bonds.

     Can I request the credit history report for my relatives?

     No, the report is only for the holder.