INFODEBIT is guided by a simple principle for delivering its customers' efficiency, which is - solidarity and reciprocity. In this regard, INFODEBIT recommends its customers to use the two basic services: verification and including data.

The principle of solidarity explains the need for simultaneous verification and inclusion of own data in the INFODEBIT system. So, you consume and provide data. You are both a consumer/user and a source of data in INFODEBIT. The need to provide debtors' own data is vital and very important for the efficiency and quality of data verified by INFODEBIT customers today and in the future.

The person who intends to benefit from the INFODEBIT services is to contact the INFODEBIT office, whose contacts can be found under the "CONTACT" section of this site, either by telephone or by personal presence, where he will receive advice on the services and options available from INFODEBIT , Depending on the needs of the person concerned.

The cost of the services is individualized for each potential customer and is only displayed in full and express commercial offers for that person at the day of the request.

Under the launched offer will be signed the contract INFODEBIT of information services providing indicating all the legal provisions regarding the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, confidentiality of transmitted data, processed, the protection of the personal data, the access to the system, etc. INFODEBIT Beneficiary, after signing the contract, will be given information about the access conditions.