INFODEBIT - an electronic system, information exchange platform, offers the possibility to assess the credibility/creditworthiness of the person and, as the case may be, accelerates the debt reduction process. INFODEBIT helps/ facilitates companies from the Republic of Moldova and other creditors in the decision-making process of accepting the delivery of products and/or services.

INFODEBIT includes data on financial commitments of natural and legal person.

INFODEBIT processes the claim/debit information based under service contracts with the Creditor (natural and/or legal person). Under a contract, the Creditor will forward for processing data on its claim regarding the natural or legal person.

In the case of the debtor natural person will ensure compliance with the sunject of personal data Art. 12 "Information on the subject of personal data", Art. 13 "Right of access to personal data" and Art. 14 "The right to interfere with personal data" of Law no. 133 of 08.07.2011 regarding
the protection of personal data.
The creditor may at any time transmit unrestricted or limited data about the debtor's debit - the legal person.