CREDIT HISTORIES BUREAU INFODEBIT CREDIT REPORT Ltd - offers the possibility of checking the quality of potential business partners, evaluating their credibility, developing and/or continuing sustainable and mutually profitable partnerships, as well as including their own debtors in the system, in order to achieve easy debt recovery (Light collection) and disciplining current and potential consumers and /or partners.

INFODEBIT CREDIT REPORT started, de facto, the activity on 19.05.2014 as Infodebit Ltd - the first Negative Register of the Republic of Moldova, and on 23.02.2017 was registered the Credit Histories Bureau INFODEBIT CREDIT REPORT, which took over the Infodebit database in accordance with the Law on Bureau of Credit Histories, by the Credit Histories Bureau Infodebit Credit Report Ltd. The Credit Histories Bureau Infodebit Credit Report Ltd has extended its activity using the INFODEBIT trademark and the web communication module,

The final beneficiary of INFODEBIT CREDIT REPORT is Mirza Veaceslav, an entrepreneur, resident of the Republic of Moldova, who carries out business activities in the field of financial services and IT.

INFODEBIT is constantly developing, updating and refining, depending on the legal framework, aiming to cover the financial (payment) liabilities of physical persons and legal entities from different areas: credit, utilities, communal services, electricity, services, consumable goods, other types of contracts and contractual relationships, either in writing or verbal, B2B, B2C sector - unlimited and applicable to all types of contractual, pecuniary, movable or real estate civil relations.

INFODEBIT is an on-line service, an electronic interface (program platform) for exchanging information on financial commitments between users, subject to the legislation in force.

The mission of the INFODEBIT Information System is to facilitate the process of avoiding, reducing and eliminating contact with bad-payers and scammers by combining data from different civil and business sectors to assess the most accurate risks. It serves as an efficient and prompt tool in accelerating the debt reduction process.

INFODEBIT is also an additional way of communicating with debtors, a diplomatic way of settling and liquidation of outstanding debits, based on prior notifications, creating a negative history registry, and connecting of service beneficiaries INFODEBIT to a common verification/information platform.

We believe that disciplining consumers and business partners will create favorable conditions for a healthy business environment and will bring prosperity and development to the national economy.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, acting with honesty, fairness and ethics wherever we operate.
Our reputation is built on the values of our company, our employees and our commitment as a collective that acts with integrity on behalf of our entire company.

We have a zero tolerance approach to bribe giving and bribery, as well as to the phenomenon of corruption per general, which pertains to every aspect of our business.

We respect the relevant national and international legal norms to combat corruption, concerning the processing of personal data, regarding the activity of the Credit Histories Bureaux.

The activity of the Credit Histories Bureau "Infodebit Credit Report" Ltd is regulated by Law no. 122 of 29.05.2008 regarding the Credit Histories Bureau.

Also, the activity of the Offices of Credit Histories “Infodebit Credit Report” Ltd is supervised and licensed by the National Commission of the Financial Market, is an autonomous public authority, responsible towards the Parliament, which authorizes and regulates the activity of the participants in the financial market (

By the CNFP Decision no. 17/9 of 21.04.2017 was issued a license for activity as a Credit Histories Bureau to Limited Liability Company "INFODEBIT CREDIT REPORT".

INFODEBIT CREDIT REPORT is the first Credit History Bureau certified according ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015.

Governing Bodies: Council of the Company (Chairman of the Council), Executive Body - Director/CEO

Council of the Society: Ilya ZHECHKOV (Chairman of the Council), Adelina POPA, Antonina CEBAN

Executive body: Antonina CEBAN - Director 

Founder: Vyacheslav MYRZA - 100%

Financial statements for the 2nd quarter of 2018: Revenue for the quarter: 1,073,332 MDL